Busking the Blues in Nice

Hey guys and girls!

For our second Patreon creation of the month, my son Dave has compiled a compilation video with 3 of the songs I played on the street in Nice recently. The sound quality is not excellent (straight from a mobile phone), but I hope there are enough magical moments to keep you engaged. :-)

The songs that are featured are:

  • Blue (original, from my album Blue Funk)
  • Jumping Jack Flash (Stones adaptation)
  • In Awe (original, from my album The Patreon Files)

Dave and I are now in Pamplona, after a long weekend of 3 gigs and various street performances in and around San Sebastian with Iban Nikolai on didgeridoo. We might have a video from one of the gigs very soon.

I love Pamplona, and it was especially nice to have a day off yesterday, just strolling round the town and having a long siesta in the afternoon. I might do some busking with Iban there the rest of the week, and I might also broadcast some of our street performances via Facebook Live.

Then we plan to recharge our batteries at Las Planas for a few days and then on to visit my daughter in Jalon.

The rest is flexible still, but I am hoping to have my daughter with me over the summer holidays. I am thinking she might like to join us on our busking travels. Where to? Only time will tell….

More soon!

Markus K

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