GILES trio with son Piet on bass and Terry Shaughnessy on drums

Markus K was born in Holland as ‘Marcus Antonius Koehorst’ and spent half his life in the UK. There he fronted various successful bands and recorded a total of 11 acclaimed albums.

In 2002, he went back to his first love, the blues, first with his 3 piece band ‘GILES’, and later also solo. He likes to mix blues with influences and rhythms from all over the world and calls it ‘Blues Fusion’. Most of the songs on his albums are originals, combined with unusual ‘reworks’ of classics, such as Rollin’ & Tumblin’ and ‘Suzy Q’.

All 4 albums with GILES were very well received by reviewers and radio stations and many of the songs are still being played by radio stations worldwide. Their third album ‘Blue Funk‘ topped the ‘best blues album’ chart in the UK above Eric Clapton’s new album at the time. GILES toured extensively around the UK, Europe and Scandinavia, especially Norway.

blues fusionist Markus K

Blues Fusionist Markus K

After 2 years in South America, he is now based in Lliber on the Costa Blanca where he released his first solo album called ‘The Patreon Files’ early 2015. ‘The Patreon Files’ is a collection of free downloads for his patrons at, a group of supporters of his music and music videos. Many of the songs were recorded live while busking on the street all over Europe or during online concerts via the internet.

At solo concerts, he uses a looper and an old suitcase to create rich textures and grooves to support his vocals and guitar playing, much like the recordings on his last album ‘The Patreon Files’ and in his extensive number of YouTube videos.

He is currently working on an album with didgeridoo master Iban Nikolai, creating a new music style they affectionately call ‘DidgeriBlues‘.

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