Collaboration with Adrian Gautrey (2 videos)

At the very start of the year, I did a session with Adrian Gautrey, at his basement studio in Manchester. We improvised on three songs. The first one was a new song of mine called ‘We Merge

I love Adrian’s effortless lap steel guitar playing. This was the first time he played the song, and he intuitively knew where it was going to go!

The second song we did was a song called ‘Ain’t Going Back‘, written by Adrian. He plays hammond organ and takes the lead vocal on it.

I tried to give it a ‘Dr John, New Orleans‘ feel. Not easy when you try and to it using a Wavedrum and a looper!

Both videos were shot and edited by my son Dave Koehorst, and it is a total delight to have him working with me again.

We are currently on a road trip to Rome, busking along the way. You can follow our adventures via our Facebook event:

Watch me live, Busking my way to Rome

Busking my way to Rome

Busking my way to Rome

Might see you there?

Adrian and I also did a totally spontaneous improvisation and I hope to be able to post the result soon. The song I wrote based on the improvisation is called ‘Living In Fear’. My son Dave is also working on his own mix for the song and a video to suit.

More soon!

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