Apologies and New Busking Tour!

I am so sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while. I have been very focussed on buying my piece on land in Spain, and….

Celebrations are in order!

I made the final payment, and….

I own it outright

I am the very proud owner of 5 acres of olive grove land, with a little casita and the tentative permission to build a studio and a house. If all goes well, it might even turn into an ‘educational resort’ for practically applied knowledge from the ancient vedas.

We are now communicating with the town planner, to see what can be done and how we can go ahead. Step by step….

Anyway, I hope you will forgive me for not having posted anything for a while. There are several videos in the pipeline, but we just haven’t got round to finishing them yet, since Dave has been totally engrossed with his full length film. He has now gone back to the UK for a while, and I am hoping he will send some finished my way soon.

July will most likely be all about music and videos (be it mostly on Facebook) again because, I have just started a……..

New Busking Tour

I have my little girl Salome with me for the whole of her summer holidays.

We are going traveling…



To make sure she doesn’t wander off when I am playing on the street somewhere, and to give me a hand with Facebook Live etc, I have found an au pair from Spain. Her name is Cristina, and she and Salome have been bonding for the last 4 days. They are getting on like a house on fire, and it means I can get back on the street to play!

We have started our busking tour in the Basque Country, teaming up with Iban Nikolai (didgeridoo) as much as possible. Cristina’s aunt has very kindly offered to let us stay with her in Pamplona for a week, which happens to be my favourite busking place. A brilliant start!

From there, we will be going north, where it is cooler! We will most likely head for Nice first, where we have been invited by my very good friend Susanne. Nice has been very good for busking so I am very much looking forward to that.

If you want to keep a tab on our daily adventures, I have just created a Facebook group specifically for this purpose.

Here is the link:

Markus K Busking Through Europe 

Feel free to join the group and to share it around too. I am hoping to post every day, including live videos. There are already two little videos on there from Pamplona. The quality is not great because my very old iPhone keeps cutting out, but I am hoping to fix that very soon.

The first one features my daughter dancing!


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