The Highly Acclaimed 3rd Album Markus K Recorded With The GILES Power Trio

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Find out why Toxi Pete called it “an outrageously cool, sensual piece of contemporary blues with a difference!”

  1. The Chase
  2. CC Rider
  3. Keep On Dancing
  4. Lost A Friend
  5. So Much Pain
  6. Clyde (JJ Cale)
  7. Black Queen (Stephen Stills)
  8. Walking Shoes
  9. Watchdog
  10. Blue
  11. The Land Of The Windmill

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“The new CD ‘ Blue Funk ‘ by Giles brings out all the big guns of raw energy and unison movement of Blues fusion with a seamless bond that never loses acceleration from the first note to the last. Well beyond the ordinary with lots of margin for the unexpected, ‘Blue Funk’ entertains & sticks to the ears with an original sound like none other you’ll ever hear.
A + 5 *****’s”
(Eddie Russell)

“It’s title is genre descriptive. It’s vibe is coolly contemporary. It’s nicely rounded and finely polished in all aspects. As an introduction to this NW of England based outfit ‘Blue Funk’ presses all the right buttons.

This latest Giles release gently but firmly showcases their slick blues with a jazzy-funk edge. Eleven quality tracks (eight originals!) take the listener on a smooth cruise into the heart of Giles. Their self penned songs are impressive to say the least. Their treatment of the ‘covers’ is bold and original; ‘CC Rider’ typifies their approach here – it’s the most unusual version I’ve ever come across with its funky vibe and reggae undertones. Clever writing and arrangements ensure there’s a fresh feel to each and every track; Giles can certainly hold their heads up high and feel elated with their work. As each track finishes I feel myself trying to outguess the CD player (if that makes sense!), wondering just what’ll be next. From the catchy, organ laced opener ‘The Chase’ right through to the gentle guitar licks of the ‘homesick’ blues of ‘Born In The Land Of The Windmill’ the quality never wavers.”

(Toxic Pete)

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