Blues Rock on the street in Seville (video)

Filmed last Friday, in the majestic centre of Seville, one of my own songs ‘Blue’. Blues Rock on the street of Seville.

It was still early in the day, but I was already competing with a flamenco group, for the attention of those few relaxing around the fountain. You can see the dancers behind me half way through the video. A very nice touch I think.

There is also a woman dancing with a baby in her arms, and a foot tapping, and a hand bopping. All in all, quite surreal… and certainly magical. It got busier later on, and I sold more CDs than usual.

I love Seville and I hope to be back in December, to make a little extra money before Christmas, when my second instalment for Las Planas is due, but that is a whole different story.

The sound from this video is from one of the little cameras, so not ideal, but if you would like to have the sound recording of the video, please consider becoming a patron of my music and videos. My patrons get all sorts of goodies, in return for their support and encouragement.

There is an earlier recording of the song ‘Blue‘ on the album ‘Blue Funk‘, which I recorded with my GILES trio. The album is available on a donation basis, so you can pay what you want.

Have a listen and let me know which version you prefer?

More soon!

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