Busking in Timisoara, Romania

Would you believe we made it all the way to the Black Sea in my old Punto?! It now has 250 thousand kilometers on the clock and it is still going strong!

Here is a video by one of the many friends we made along the way:


What an experience our busking tour has turned out to be! As you know, I have been traveling with my 7 year old daughter and her au pair Cristina since the end of June. It has been 2 months now!

This is now our last week, and we are spending it on the east coast of Romania. On Sunday, we will all be flying back to Spain, to get Salome back to school and Cristina back to some kind of normality.

Au pair Cristina has been a truly invaluable addition to our team, and I know that we would not have gotten this far without her. Apart from being a wonderful companion to Salome and me, she also has been taking on duties as my Personal Assistant! Early on, she started taking over organisational duties such as booking accommodation and planning routes, and even finding good places to busk!

Thank you Cristina, you have been totally wonderful. We love you and we are going to miss you! Please keep in touch!

So…. about the video….

This video was take by Alexandru Chiriță, who happened to walk past with his camera when I was playing in Timisoara (Romania) last week. Make sure you watch it all the way til the end because there is some very interesting interaction going on. As Alexandru said, it is very telling of life in Romania!

This is only one of the many videos, photos and updates I have been posting in my Facebook group, so if you like to see more, join the group!


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