Darkness (Leonard Cohen) on the street of Granada

My version of ‘Darkness’ by Leonard Cohen, performed live on the street in Granada.

On Friday, I got the news that one of my heroes, Leonard Cohen had passed away earlier that week. Leonard has been a major influence, and not just for his music. I think of him as a beacon of light in general. I am not sad about is passing, I just feel inspired with the fulness of his life. He had a long life and kept creating relevant music right until the very end.

So…. I see this video as a celebration, of his life and of his music, and I feel it is very appropriate that it was recorded on the street in Granada. I think he might have approved.

‘Darkness’ is one of his lesser known songs, from his 2012 album ‘Old Ideas’, written in the traditional 12 bar blues format. Contrary to the dark title, I feel his wonderful sense of humour coming through in the lyrics, and I have attempted to bring that aspect out in my rendition of the song. I can only hope you like it!

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More soon! :-)


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