Day 0 of Busking my way to Rome

I get a strange mixture of nerves and excitement when I am about to go on a long journey.

Jalon to Barcelona

Today’s drive from Jalon to Barcelona, avoiding toll roads

Today I am traveling from Jalon to Barcelona airport to pick up my 22 year old son Dave. He is joining me on the trip and he makes wonderful videos. We enjoy¬†long-winded conversations, both about abstract/spiritual matters and practical/artistic issues. Even though it’s only been a weeks since I saw him last, I am looking forward to it!

I figured out a way to set my Google Maps app to avoid toll roads, which should save quite a lot of money on the journey. Unfortunately, it will add nearly two hours to today’s trip. Better get a move on…

Tonight, we are staying with a friend just outside Barcelona, and I have a couple of CouchSurfing hosts lined up for the coming week. The main targets for the first week are Perpignan, Montpellier and Nice. I am hoping to be able to do some busking there and make a little money. The income will hopefully help with our expenses.

To follow the rest of my adventures, simply join the Facebook event:

Watch me live, Busking my way to Rome

I hope to see you there!

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