Everything is Fine – with Ana Kozuh

I am really excited about ‘Everything Is Fine‘. I think this ‘patron-fueled‘ video is really special.

On the 19th of March, while busking at a Sunday market in Ljubljana, I got talking to Ana Kozuh and her boyfriend Jure Novak. They told me about Ana’s desire to get more creative musically and so we decided to have a jam at their flat that evening.

We played for about 2 hours and this is only a small excerpt of the music that came out. There might well be more to come!

Everything’s Fine‘ is totally improvised, with lots of gems. I particularly like the term ‘Sunnight‘ she coined. totally out of the blue.

As always, my son Dave did an excellent job editing the low lit footage. He is also responsible for editing the music and adding electronic percussion.

Another wonderful collaboration to add to the impressive list for this year, and there is lots more in the pipeline.

Thank you for you continued support and encouragement!

Your Markus K

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