Full Moon Rising – with Lydia Persaud

I am very proud of ‘Full Moon Rising’ and it is a total delight to be sharing this with you. I had the magical experience of doing a joint concert with Lydia Persaud on the 10th of April. I will always remember it as one of those gifts from heaven. She has the voice of a goddess and she is totally delightful and charming as a person.

We both did our set and then we did 4 songs together, which we had rehearsed only once during the soundcheck. When the select few of the hastily organised showcase wanted more, Lydia thought we should “make one up”.

This is what followed, totally unplanned. It simply flowed effortlessly, and all we had to do was ride the wave. An innocent reflection of the full moon over the mountain, with a wonderfully appreciative audience and an excellent sound and light system, courtesy of our host Klaus J├╝rgens.

Klaus is also responsible for the sound recording and the photograph. Thank you Klaus!

To quote a line from Lydia’s lyrics: “love overflowing”.

With a full heart, I thank my patrons at Patreon for their support and encouragement.

Your Markus K

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