Heaven on Earth in Spain

Dear friends,Heaven on Earth in Spain

Thank you for your visit to ‘Heaven on Earth in Spain’.

To give you a brief overview:

The general goal is to create an eco village where all aspects of the knowledge and technologies brought out by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi can be put into daily practice.

I acquired Las Planas in April of this year (2016). It is a beautiful piece of land just outside Maella, in the district of Zaragoza in Spain. It slopes down towards the east and has very little sunrise delay (about 2% angle). The view in the distance is of the nature reserve. At this stage, it only has old olive trees and a little barn that I have been using for storage and it has a fire place to cook.

My son and I have been living in tents while we are working on the first amenities, using all natural materials. The plan is to create a very basic ‘chalet’ using strawbales very soon, and this will be a pilot project for future chalets for visitors. In time, I am hoping to register it as an educational institution, for people to come and study Maharishi’s knowledge and technologies and to experience 200% of life, 100% inner and 100% outer. There might be an option for people to lease part of the land, to build their own dwellings according to Maharishi Sthapatya Ved.

If you are interested, have a pioneering spirit and a good sense of humour, you are very welcome to visit at this early stage, to check it out or to help set it up. The best way to get here would be to fly to Barcelona and then take a bus to Maella, where I can come and pick you up from the village. We are about 4 kilometres outside of the village.

Maella is a simple Spanish town and there are many attractions nearby, such as Cretas, the two leisure lakes outside Caspe, with a beautiful nature reserve 20 minutes away and the majestic Zaragoza just over an hour.

You can send me an email HERE.

Be well!


Markus Koehorst

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