Special House Concert Offer

Treat your Friends, Family or Clients
to Great Music in a Very Intimate Setting

great music in an intimate settings

great music in an intimate setting

I’ve been doing house concerts in the UK for a while, and they are brilliant to do. They provide a great opportunity to create an extra special atmosphere when everyone knows everyone else.

Available dates in Spain are from the 12th until the 16th of May, so you would have to contact me straight away (using the link below).

In the UK, my dates are a little more flexible, roughly between the 27th of May and the 13th of June (with certain exceptions). Again, best to contact me straight away, using the link below.

What many hosts do is provide drinks and maybe a snack and then ask their friends to give a suggested donation of €10 each. The following link will hopefully answer any questions you might have:

More info from the European House Concert Hub

“We had a wonderful night, and our friends all left with big smiles on their faces!” – Fiona Kerley (Halifax)

“Thanks Markus, you gave us an experience we will never forget. The music was brilliant” – David Gilberts (Wrexham)

send me an email to discuss it further.