Eden Was Just Like This (special Christmas video)

A special video for you all, of the Christmas song ‘Eden Was Just Like This’.

Not a Christmassy song? For me it is!

I firmly associate Christmas with Harry Belafonte singing ‘Eden Was Just Like This’. It was the B side to his ‘Mary’s Boy Child’, which my parents always played at Christmas. I actually preferred the B side, so I always made sure it wasn’t left out. It wouldn’t have been Christmas without it!

I really hope you like the video. It is extra special because it is a collaboration with my very dear and very talented friend Debora Emmert. She filmed it and then created the photo collage for the inset. And… I got her to overdub a harmony on it too!

Note from Debora:

“We create our own reality:  our world, and our relationships. The energy of our creation can be used to destroy a landscape. Or a heart. Or to create a pair of blossoming intertwined souls.

We created “Eden Was Just Like This” because of what we found one gloomy Thursday morning in usually sunny southern Spain when we ventured down a country road. We discovered, in what should be idyllic orange groves and farms, a mess. The detritus of human indifference: garbage bags, empty cans, construction debris, remnants of cardboard boxes. 

And power lines. The triangular sign on the power station warns “alta tension: peligro de muerte” which means “high voltage: danger of death.” We thought it an apt symbol of human romantic relationships, where energy can destroy a heart . . . or create a pair of blossoming intertwined souls.

We decided to use “Eden Was Just Like This” (inspired by Harry Belafonte’s 1957 version) to create a juxtaposition of vision & expectation, myth, and reality. Thanks to Jonny Lindner from Germany for his visual metaphors of paradise.”

As usual, my patrons at Patreon have already received a free download of the recording. Would you like to become a patron and enjoy the various perks and benefits? You can become a patron for only $1 per video!

I will finish this longer-than-usual message by wishing you the very best of Christmases. May the true spirit of Christmas ring clear in your hearts and souls.

And watch this space because I will be posting another video immediately after Christmas. It is another collaboration with Debora, this time filmed on top of a bus.

Have a good one!

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