Stop Breaking Down on open top bus (video)

I hope you are having a good Christmas! I know it is not easy when there is so much pressure on this particular time of the year.

Here is a bit of fun to take the pressure off a little.

Filmed by my very dear friend Debora Emmert, who ended up with a bruised arm in the process. Sorry Debora, you are a great sport!

‘Stop Breaking Down’ is an old blues classic. I heard the song first on ‘Exile On Main Street’ by the Rolling Stones. Over time, my version got funkier and it has been a favourite in my live set for years now.

If you like this video, I was thinking I might do some more ‘transport based’ videos in 2017, such as on a ricksha, a train, a boat, a plane etc. Any other ideas?

I am also hoping to do a lot of collaboration videos next year. I have quite a few excellent musicians lined up already. Please let me know if you have any suggestions in that respect.

As always, this video was supported by my dearest patrons at Patreon, in return for certain goodies and inside stuff. Would you like to join my team of patrons? Click here to find out more.

That’s all for now. Lots more coming soon, so watch this space. ;-)

With warm wishes,

Your Markus



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