You Got Nothing On Me (first demo)

This is another song I wrote during that first week in Bucharest after my passport got stolen. What an anticlimax that was. After those 2 wonderful months traveling with my daughter and her au pair, I was suddenly on my own again, with no money and papers.

Here are the lyrics:

You Got Nothing On Me

It all ground to a sickening halt

struck me like a lightnin’ bolt

Was that real or had I gone insane?

I paralysed for at least a week

Couldn’t move I couldn’t even speak

All my efforts to function were just in vain


You feel so low at first it can drive you crazy

But when you let go, the truth will set you free

So you see, you got nothing on me

I made the trip to hell and back

It all crumbled like a chimney stack

And I saw that it didn’t mean a thing

Throw me your worst it won’t get to me

I found a different truth in me

A discovery that only the worst can bring  


That’s all for now. More new songs to follow soon.

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